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Vitamin C ethyl ether

Vitamin C ethyl ether
Vitamin C derivatives (ethyl ether) - by far the best-dimensional C derivatives
Vitamin C derivatives (ethyl ether) is by far the best vitamin C derivatives, it is not only very stable chemicalperformance, is the real dimension C derivatives do not change color, and it easily into the skin enzymeDecomposition of C play the role of peacekeeping. Vitamin C derivatives (ethyl ether) is a lipophilic hydrophilicamphiphilic substances, which not only make it extremely easy to use in the formulation, more important is: Thisamphiphilic make it more easily penetrate the stratum corneum Into the dermal layer, which exerts its biologicaleffects, and pure-dimensional C is difficult to be absorbed into the skin.
Product Name:Vitamin C ethyl ether                          

Chemical Name:3-O-Early ascorbic acid B         INCI Name:Ethyl ascorbic acid
Molecular Formula:C8H1206                             CAS NO.:86404-04-8
1. by acting on the Cu2 + inhibition of tyrosinase activity, blocking the formation of melanin;
2. very effective whitening and freckle effect (2% when added);
3. Japanese light caused by inflammation, there is a strong anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory effect;
4. to improve the bleak dull skin, giving skin elasticity;
5. repair skin cells on Mars, and promote collagen production.
Appearance: white crystalline powder
Moisture content:<=2.%
VC Content:>84.0%
Heavy metals:<20ppm
Stability: PH3.0-6.0 does not change color under the condition of more than two years
Recommended dosage:0.5~3.0%
Skin lightening products, anti-aging products, liquid, gel, cream, lotion, skin cream, etc.
PH3.0-6.0 suggest the best conditions in the use of the best skin lightening
Storage: room temperature, stored airtight, for two years.

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