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Vitamin C Phosphate

Vitamin C vitamin C phosphate magnesium phosphate, sodium phosphate Vitamin C - Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. Jingjiang City Hengtong line with the feed industry development and the development of feed additiveproducts, from vitamin C made by the highly efficient catalytic phosphate, because Its high content of fine grain size, on the high temperature and pressure stability, and in vivo by phosphatases is easy to free vitamin C, and thus fully absorbed by animals, animal survival and directly improve the growth rate, increase feed efficiency and economic benefits .

Six benefits of this product
A high degree of stability

Vitamin C is a good antioxidant in itself is very unstable, because the molecular structure of the enol hydroxyl has a strong reduction of oxygen, light, plasma copper and iron is very sensitive, especially in high humidity andmoisture content The feed is more easily oxidized, so vitamin C directly used as feed additives to feedprocessing and feed most of the process of destruction of bioavailability is very low, in order to ensure the needs of animals on the VC, VC dosage must be far Far exceeding the actual requirements of animals.
Vitamin C vitamin C phosphate is a reduction of activity of the enol hydroxyl phosphorylation, from themolecular level, the effective protection of vitamin C, vitamin C from the fundamental solution to the problem ofeasily oxidized, and safe non-toxic. Can be widely applied to various types of premix and feed, especially forextruded fish feed and pellet feed can also be applied to wet, damp and canned feed.

High bioavailability
This product is fine grain size, animal digestive tract can be completely phosphatase phosphate hydrolysis of vitamin C, to release the activity of vitamin C, and inhalation of blood circulation through the digestive tract, and then distributed in specific tissues, to make it work Its unique physiological functions. The efficiency ofphosphate ester solution of vitamin C completely free out of the VC can be fully absorbed by animals, the large-scale aquatic feeding trial, with vitamin C preparation of feed phosphate feeding, the animals with high vitamin Cactivity and performance Increase the rate of animal survival and weight gain.
Difficult to drain the water
Phosphate of vitamin C and extruded aquatic feed particles fed by drowning, even if not immediately feeding, feed in the loss of vitamin C in the water would not be easy.
Significant effect
Vitamin C phosphate phosphatase by hydrolysis in vivo, free from vitamin C to fully improve the animal immuneresistance to disease, improve growth rate and survival, thereby increasing the breeding efficiency andproduction.
A variety of nutrition
Vitamin C vitamin C phosphate products for animals, while also added the necessary calcium and phosphorus.
Easy to use
Vitamin C Phosphate fine granularity, and good liquidity, without dealing with all kinds of feed mill in mixeddeployment.

The application of vitamin C phosphate
Vitamin C ester is a kind of white powder, can be directly applied to the feed mill is equipped with common equipment. Good flow properties for the product, and easy to mix evenly, so the product can be considered as a single component directly into the mixer. Under normal weather conditions, as long as the general standard ofconservation measures taken, vitamin C phosphate can be added to the premix, such as in tropical climates, it is recommended to add this product separately to the main mixer.

Application of premix
A series of plant trials have shown that vitamin C phosphate as a premix for addition of ingredients. Vitamin Cphosphate used in the premix of the main advantages of reducing processing procedures, and reduce the backlog of inventory, thus saving man-hours and reduce production costs. When developing feed formulation, production and application of such premix and relative humidity, especially when the temperature is high, the situation should be aware of the possible absorption of moisture. See recommended amount of additive used and recommended in the workshop of the premix to a specific test.

Recommended materials

Animal names





Animalbird larvae

Recommended dosage






  Note: The feed and hatchery fish feed dosage may be increased of 30%;
                  Animals under stress, may be increased to 20% to 60%.

  Appearance: white or light yellow powder
  Content (in terms of biological activity of VC):≥35%
  Heavy metal (pb account):≤0.003%
  Arsenic: ≤0001%
  Loss on drying:<6.0%
  Package store: drum / 25kg carton lined with double plastic bags loaded, sealed light, and placed in a cool, dry place.
  Shelf life: 24 months sealed package.
  The company also produce biologically active VC ≥ 25% and biological activity of VC ≥ 30%of vitamin C phosphate products for Jun choice.


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