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Coated VC

Animal nutrition vitamin C is a very important part of not only involved in collagen formation and prevention ofscurvy, is also involved in immune animals to improve resistance to disease. But the vitamin C itself is unstable,oxygen, light and copper, iron and other metal ions are particularly sensitive, easily oxidized and lose the specialrole of VC.
Hengtong Coated VC VC using embedded technology to double-coated, so that isolated with the external environment VC, VC effectively solved easily oxidized easily soluble characteristics. To add in the activity ofdietary vitamin C to maintain a stable and fully was not subject to oxidation. VC so that it can greatly improvethe bioavailability, reduce feed costs and improve economic efficiency.
  Properties: White or white particles
  Size: 95% 20 mesh sieve, uniform, good fluidity
  VC content:≥90%
  Loss on drying:≤1.0%
  Heavy metal (pb account):≤10ppm
  Arsenic salt:≤3ppm
  Shelf Life:Two years
  Packaging, storage: 25 kg plastic buckets lined with double-loaded, closed, dark, and placed in the shade.
  At the same time the company produces coated VC-93, VC-95 different specifications for different needs of customers feed industry.

Usage and Dosage
  This product is used to prepare the premix, concentrates, added in the feed, or add individual use.
  Add contentUnits(mg/kg)

  The strains of grains coated vitamin C, a weak acid, strong alkaline substances should not be mixed with,so as not to affect the potency.

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