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Fully implement the ISO9000 international quality system certification, effectively protecting the company's management, standardization, reliability;
Organization: the organization purpose is to stimulate people's ability would have, therefore, the ability to mobilize people to play who is the organization's performance goals. Around a higher principle, responsibilities, rights and the same principles, management principles of non-overlapping nor gaps;

Culture system: in the formation of long-term course of business values, business ideas, group consciousness, and the sum of norms of behavior, styles and features to compete with, establish a "pool production strength, unity birth of hope" awareness, to ensure sustainable development of enterprises ;
● Enterprise Mission: sincere cooperation, strive for progress, innovation and excellence; reassure investors, allowing users to Heart, so that workers comfortable
● business objectives: build gold business, to build Gold;
● Enterprise spirit: good faith, Connaught will practice, dedication, setting an example;
● Code of Conduct: sincere service, management of perfection, the staff to the United States;
● Quality: committed to providing quality service and continuously exceed customer needs;
● Business philosophy: Innovation is the life force;

* Vertical chain of command: must be accurate and comfortable, properly handle the unified command, in step, the principle of obedience and step by step;
* Transverse contact system: the level of reflection of the efficiency of automatic control, process, workflow and business automation procedures constitute the operational mechanism, to ensure that each service, the principle of mutual restraint.
* Check the feedback system: the firm must establish distribution of restraint and supervision mechanism, the feedback around the process of checking the objective, real, probability, representation, and business interests related to separation of ownership, responsibility and control point principles, to ensure timely, check Check with the standards and consistent with the organization, check standards should be reasonable and appropriate, check to focus, check to be considered an exception, check to consider economic and other characteristics.
* Budget planning system: First, it must predict the future, then it must mean that action, the third it must reflect the specific characteristics of the organization and its history inherent causality. Around the work plan set out to achieve the budget, the core of modern business operations budget, to ensure the project purpose, predictability, priority, process, system, universality, efficiency and timeliness and other properties.
* Personnel selection and recruitment system: give full play to various resources within the enterprise, first the advantages of human resources, overcome all the weaknesses of the enterprise, which is to create a truly the only way to unity. Around the cabinet system of principles, step by step the nomination, approved the principle of every level, assessment principles, the appropriate selection of the high principle of employment recruitment.
* Training System: The training staff to fulfill the responsibilities and rights to productive enterprises, to enable enterprises to maintain the survival and development, improve staff ability to work.
* Incentive systems; is to mobilize the enthusiasm of people, mainly around the ideological work, reward and punishment system, training to enhance the system, wages and benefits system and trade union activities and other parts.


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